Jul. 21st, 2016

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Okay, first off this was really hard to translate in several places and mistakes are guaranteed. Please point any out that you see; thanks!

Second... this is tagged for spoilers because there are spoilers for the rest of the series here, or I'm a cup of tea. There are even two lines that appear in the lyric sheet but are cut from the song as released; those are down after the translation for the curious.

Third... this is the VEPPer transformation theme, of course (or so it has so far been used), and it's by far the most interesting thing I've seen yet about series 2. Want your Tanabata references? You got 'em. Want your twins-are-stars-or-aliens reality manipulation references? You got' em. Want your Kinatsu references? They're here.
  • They're spelling 二つ futatsu, "two of ", with the kanji 双 sou, "pair", which seems to be almost nonstandard? It crops up in a very few contexts.
  • 那由多 nayuta is a Buddhist term meaning "a vast number", usually thought to be 100 million. It's usually spelt 那由他.
  • They also do the spelling-it-earth-but-pronouncing-it-planet thing from "Love Is Power!".

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Last one! Thanks to @nardaviel for transcribing, and for pointing out that this is one of the saddest songs in the Boueibu canon. Are you scared yet?

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@fortune-maiden​ asked on this post:
#hmm I wonder if we can make out any of the constellations in the background ^^
I AM HAPPY TO OBLIGE all my lying on rocks on the beach in the dark was not for nothing, cries

This looks to be a (slightly to moderately squished? or is it perspective?) star map of some of the classic Western constellations of the northern sky. For the most part, it’s a straight one-to-one map, centred on the North Star.

Specifically, you can see Gemini, the twins, hanging out just behind Haru, quite central. :D Also there is the source of the Perseid meteor shower, just between Perseus and Auriga, but I wouldn’t know anything about that. (cough)
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